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James H. Brown was just 17 years old when he enlisted into the 27th Maine Infantry Regiment in September 1862. He served in that unit, in guarding the Capital and in Virginia, until 1863. When his service wascomplete, he re-enlisted into the 2nd Maine Calvary. His unit was sent to Pensacola, Florida and transferred to the Navy, serving as a gunner’s mate on the USS Manhattan, under Admiral Farragut of the “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!” fame. The USS Manhattan captured the Confederate ironclad Tennessee at the Battle of Mobile Bay. When James Brown left the service, he was 25 years of age. He settled in Tustin prior to 1892 and passed away at age 90 in 1935.

Nelson M Holderman is considered by many to be the most decorated soldier of World War I. A young Nelson came to Tustin, with his parents, in 1893. He attended Tustin Grammar School and began his military career in 1916 with Santa Ana’s National Guard Unit. Company L. In 1918, Company L was sent to France and the Argonne Forest. Capt. Holderman became part of the Lost Battalion after being cut off and surrounded by the enemy for 5 days. Capt. Holderman was wounded three times on three days yet continued to lead his men. After returning to Tustin and the National Guard, Holderman was promoted to Colonel and became head of the Yountville Soldier’s Home in Yountville, California. He passed away in 1953..

William Jerome came to the United States from his native England to Philadelphia, where he enlisted into the Pennsylvania 1st Calvary during the Civil War. Although we are still completing his biography and verifying information, Jerome served in Company G, US Calvary and was involved with fighting Indians in the Chiricahua Mountains. William Jerome came to Tustin in 1881, where he served as the first Constable of Tustin, a Los Angeles Policeman and plasterer. He dropped dead of a heart attack while building Tustin’s first sidewalk in front of the Utt Store in August 1900.

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