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Tustin Coffee Club
Since 1940
Tustin Drug and Variety Store
Built for Columbus Tustin’s son Sam around 1925

The Tustin Coffee Club is back!

Location: Cox's Market Plaza (Old Town Tustin - Corner of Main and El Camino Real)
CENTRO - STORICO Cafe - 405 El Camino Real, Tustin, CA 92780 (714) 258-8817 Map

Every Tuesday at 9:00 AM
Free Parking availiable

Let's Talk History - Sponsored by the Tustin Area Historical Society. - - -
Every Tuesday at 9:00 AM
For club infomation call (714) 504-4088 or email tustinMuseum@att.net -

August 11, 2020 - First meeting review:
A handful of coffee and tea lovers came to our first get together. We spoke about the beginnings of the coffee club and asked attendies how the club should move forward and what subjects we should cover next.

August 18, 2020
On the 18th we will be asking everyone if they would enjoy a Zoom webinar with a guest who is well versed on the subject we reviewed during the Tuesday coffee club meeting. We are looking for an evening and a time that would be good for everyone. Just remember our Let's Talk History coffee club is open to everyone at the cafe but the Zoom webinars will be for our coffee club members and the Tustin Museum members only.

Check with STORICO Cafe to start your own coffee group. We will post your group's name and
a link to your website, facebook, and email for more information.

Dear coffee lovers (tea lovers too), after four years we are back!

Phil Cox, owner of the Cox's Market Plaza, has given me the honor of restarting an Old Town Tustin tradition
which started at the corner drugstore in 1940 until it closed. After the closure Phil continued the tradition at
his restaurants, and thanks to him the owners of the new restaurant and cafe, Enrico & Daniela Pozzuoli, gave
us the green light. Their daughter Marissa, the cafe manager, will be working with us as we grow the club
with a few old members and, hopefully, lots of new ones.

All are welcome to come to this historic moment...be there!

Pete Beatty, President
Tustin Area Historical Society

Please remember:
STORICO Cafe rules during Covid 19 must be observed.

For club information and updates TustinCoffeeClub.com / TustinNineOclockers.com

Founder: Burt Muller, Owner of the Tustin Drugstore (1940)
The Coffee Club started at the drugstore in 1940 as the Tustin Nine O'clockers.
First members were Burt's wife Margaret, Fred G. Hart, George Dearborn, Ray Unger, Ed Cox, H.D. Carson,
and James McCalla. The name was changed to the Tustin Coffee Club when Glenn Pyeatt took over.

Glenn and Alice moved to Tustin in the late 1940s and took over ownership of the Tustin Drug and Variety
Store in Old Downtown Tustin. Some of Glenn's fondest memories and friendships came from the drugstore
days, with personalized coffee cups for patrons of the soda fountain.

Tustin men gathered over coffee, horseshoes
by Juanita Lovret

D (El Camino) was the heart of town. Those living in town and those from the outlying citrus ranches
congregated here creating many traditions.

Each day at midmorning a bell would sound loud and clear. Wielded by the druggist or a Tustin Drug store employee, the clanging instrument announced to all within hearing that coffee was ready. Businessmen as well as any ranchers in town for shopping or banking would crowd into the store, hustling to get a stool at the counter and claim their mug of coffee.

The news of the day, both local and national, as well as the latest stories and jokes passed up and down the counter along with the sugar and cream. These exchanges would reach the entire community by nightfall. - Link to full article

  Cox’s Market Plaza is owned by Phil Cox, son of Ed Cox, who established the plaza in 1936 and was one of
the Tustin Coffee Club's first members. Cox’s Market Plaza celebrates 80th anniversary (March 22, 2016) - Website

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